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Adele Horrigan Firearms Manager

Years of service at Jay’s: 7

Years as a manager: 1

Departments worked: Frontend, Footwear, Firearms

Interests: Competition Pistol Shooting, Kayaking, Fishing, Backpacking, Golfing, Camping, and Target Shooting

Bio: As a pistol instructor for Women on Target, I love to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with new shooters. I believe a day at the range or a walk in the woods can bring peace and clarity to any day.

What I love about Jay’s: At Jay’s every day is a new adventure and an opportunity to share what I’m passionate about with others who share those same passions for the outdoors and shooting sports.

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Amy Benoit Manager

Years of service at Jays: 5

Years as a manager: 3 as Front End and Gifts Mgr

Departments worked: I’ve worked in gifts, cashier and service

Interests: In the summer time I love to go camping, fish and to be on my boat enjoying the warm weather!

What I love about Jay’s: Honestly, I love the family friendly environment that I work in. Every one is supportive, friendly and always willing to help.

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Bryan Darland Store Manager

Years of service at Jay’s: 13 years of service

Years as a manager: 10 years as a manager (3 as Current Store Manager, 10 Fishing Manager)

Departments worked: Started in Fishing Department in 2003….Fishing Manager 2006…..Store Manager 2013

Interests: Major Fishing interests of all kinds. Also enjoy hunting whitetails, ducks, and other sporting game.

Bio: I am an avid outdoorsman with a huge special interest in chasing fish of all species and locations on the globe. I love tournament fishing as it helps to better myself through good friendly competition and forces me to continuously go outside of my comfort zone to stay competitive and on the cutting edge. My other favorite thing is getting others involved in the outdoors whether it be friends, family (especially my young daughter), or just the general public.

What I love about Jay’s: The number one thing I love about Jay’s is constantly being able to talk “Fun” on a daily basis. Customers, friends, and staff all can join together and share stories of their experiences in the outdoors creating our definition of family. Too many people dred going to work on a daily basis, we look forward to the next outdoor experience to either have shared from our guests or to share of our own, all while loving every minute of it!

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Chad Stearns Manager

Years of service at Jay’s: 25+

Years as a manager: 20+

Departments worked: Archery Tech, Archery Assistant Buyer, Archery Department Manager, Administrative Manager, Vice President of Operations

Interests: Big Game hunting across the globe, Hiking, Camping, Triathlon, Adventure

Bio: I came from humble origins and have learned that life is a journey to collect memories and experiences versus belongings. I am an average guy with a passion for adventure on a mission to experience extraordinary things in extraordinary places with extraordinary people and inspire those around me to do the same.

What I love about Jay’s: The thing I love most about Jay’s is the people! I cherish the relationships I have built with my colleagues, both past and present; many of which are like my extended family. I enjoy connecting with customers in an environment that promotes and celebrates the outdoor lifestyle and through those interactions, playing a role in their journey.

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Emily Bennett Camping Manager

Years of service at Jay’s: 8 years

Years as a manager: 3 years

Departments worked: Cashier, Receiving, and Camping

Interests: Fishing, Day Hiking, Horseback Riding, Metal Detecting, Showshoeing, Kayaking, and Canoeing

Bio: I am a family oriented mother that enjoys outdoor activities whenever possible. I’m always seeking new adventures and challenges.

What I love about Jay’s: I’ve made lifelong friendships and have met extraordinary people here. The support system Jay’s offers to its employees and customers is incredible.

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Emily Miljure Footwear Manager

Years of service at Jay’s: 4

Years as a manager: 1

Departments worked: Frontend, Merchandinsing/Events Coordinator, Footwear

Interests: I enjoy deer and turkey hunting. I love fishing, primarily for bass. I am also knowledgeable in saltwater fishing as I have spent many years living in Florida.

Bio: First and foremost I cherish God, my family and friends. Adventure is happiness; experiencing new places and taking in what life has to offer is key. I strive to keep an optimistic attitude and a glass half full no matter what situation arises.
What I love about Jay’s: When they say “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life” it rings so true when talking about Jay’s. When you are immersed in a place that is all about fun in the outdoors how can one complain?  The staff at Jay’s is second to none when it comes to product knowledge and customer service; I think that is what makes us stand out from the rest. Coming to work everyday and working with your team that has become family is truly rewarding. I am blessed to be a part of something so special.

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Eric Lafollette Archery Manager

Years of service at Jay’s:15 years

Years as a manager: 10 years

Departments worked: Archery

Interests: Big Game Hunting with bow or gun, Predator Hunting, and Backcountry Camping and Kayaking.

Bio: I enjoy getting into the most remote wild land I can find whether it’s for hunting or scouting. A day in the back country is what makes me tick!

What I love about Jay’s: Working at JAYS has connected me with so many great people that are like minded outdoor enthusiasts . Co workers and customers alike.

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Jeania Canel Firearms Manager

Years of service at Jay’s: 31

Years as a manager: 20

Departments worked: I have worked all the departments at one time or another. I did janitorial and receiving in the original Clare location as well as working in the back offices. I was a buyer for the gun department before I became the manager.

Interests: My interests in the outdoors are many. I am an avid hunter of small and large game. I enjoy fishing, camping and hiking. When I am not doing that I enjoy taking in sporting events, gardening and just simply enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

Bio: I am a very devoted Mother of a teenage daughter. I enjoy my family and friends. I try to live my life to the fullest and never take anything or anyone for granted.

What I love about Jay’s: I love the “family” atmosphere! There is compassion for people! Not only for those of us that work here but the customers bring it. We sell fun and it shows! We laugh with each other and we laugh and joke with our customers! We make it personal. We make friends in this industry everyday whether they are your co worker or your customer!

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Joe Cook Fishing Manager

Years of service at Jay’s: 10

Years as a manager: 2

Departments worked: Fishing, Guns

Interests: Bass Fishing, Deer Hunting

Bio: I am fascinated by the world and everything in it. I love music, travelling to new places, and gathering knowledge on a broad range of subjects.

What I love about Jay’s: Getting to interact daily with people who share your passion for the outdoors.

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Kenny Slavens Hunting Manager

Years of service at Jay’s: 9 years

Years as a manager: 2 years as Hunting Dept Manager

Departments worked: Archery, Fishing, Guns, Hunting

Interests: Hunting deer and everything else. Fishing and camping. I also enjoy NRA bullseye shooting with my .22, bowling pin with my .45 and long range shooting with rifles.

Bio: I am a very proud individual and I always finish what I start.

What I love about Jay’s: being part of Jay’s is like having another family and I love that about my job. Everyone helps each other when needed and are always there for one another.

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LeeAnne Comer Footwear Manager

Years of Service at Jay’s: 16

Years as a Manager: 15 Athletics and Gifts

Departments worked:Service/Info, Clothing, Athletics and Gifts

Interests: I grew up spending time hiking, and camping with my family. I have been fortunate enough to hike part of the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Bryce and Zion Nationals Parks as well as Arches and Canyonlands National Park while living in Utah. I still enjoy time spent around the campfire with family and great friends.

Bio: I enjoy my relationship with God, family, and friends. I believe in making the most of every single moment. Life is meant to be enjoyed!

What I love about Jay’s: I have enjoyed working at Jay’s for over 16 years. The feeling of being part of a family, not just an “employee”, has been one of the main reasons for my longevity. I enjoy getting to know our customers and seeing their children grow and become the next generation of outdoorsman.

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Lory Warfield Clothing Manager

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Mark Copeland Store Director

Years of service at Jay’s: 17

Years as manager: 17

Departments worked: Camping, Store Director

What are your interests in the outdoors: Archery, Fly Fishing, Kayaking, Camping and Hiking

Mark is an avid outdoors-man whose passion is to mentor and preserve our outdoor resources and traditions.  Mark is involved with many local and national nonprofit organizations, and in 2009 he was honored by the Michigan DNR as a “Partner in Conservation” for his contributions to the DNR Archery programs. In 2016 he received a special recognition from the Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education for significant contributions to outdoor education specifically for the continued growth of Archery in Michigan. He is past chair for the Otsego Wildlife Legacy Society, a non-profit conservation organization. As a USA Archery Lvl 3 NTS Certified Instructor, Mark has assisted in the growth of over 250 Archery Clubs, NASP Schools and Centershot Ministries worldwide.  He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Archery Trade Association as vice chair of the Executive Committee and Chairman of the Retail Council.

What do you love about Jay’s:  The sense of gratification for helping customers in their outdoor endeavors.  Perhaps it’s the first bow for a son or rifle for a daughter, enhancing that outdoor experience is the best part of any day. Small Family company that specializes is selling Fun!  Jay’s is a company that feels more like a Family than a job.

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Michel Brooks Archery Manager

Years of service at Jay’s: 6 years

Years as a manager: 5 Archery Manager

Departments worked: Hunting, Clothing, and Archery

Interests: Hunting – primarily archery for deer and duck hunting, camping, fishing – especially steelhead

Bio: Dedicated father, devoted Christian who loves to spend time in the outdoors enjoying ALL of God’s great creations and wonders and sharing those experiences with others.

What do you love about Jay’s: I enjoy hearing the stories and joy created by helping customers become equipped and educated to enjoy all various forms of outdoor activities. Being around those who share the same passion for the outdoors, as I have is truly a blessing.

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Mike Horswill Fishing Manager

Years of service at Jay’s: 4 years

Years as a manager: Fishing department manager for 3 years

Departments worked: I started in Camping, worked briefly in Archery, and went on to my dream job in Fishing

Interests: I have always loved fishing and all kinds of hunting. I grew up doing these things as a family activity.

Bio: I care about people and family. I like to help others to enjoy the outdoors

What I love about Jay’s: I love the fact that we promote the enjoyment of the outdoors, and it is refreshing to work with people that care about each other and share some of the same interests for the love of outdoor activities.

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Mike Mullett Hunting Manager

Years of service at Jay’s: 2

Years as a manager: 1

Departments worked: Archery & Hunting

Interests: What is there not to like about the outdoors, I am an avid Bow Hunter and competitive archer. I participate in roughly 10-15 3D archery tournaments a year.  I enjoy bass fishing and pike fishing. Deer hunting is a passion of mine, from planting food plots, setting stands in the best locations and the harvest.  Most importantly I enjoy the time spent outdoors with my little girl and wife. They are the reason why I do what I do.

Bio: I am an avid outdoorsman that is willing to go the extra mile to make sure your outdoor experience is the most memorable it can be for you.

What I love about Jay’s: The BIGGEST reason why I love working for Jay’s and the Poet’s is the family atmosphere. Whether it is an employee or customer, we are all a big extension of their own family. Customer who come in are not pressured into anything. They ask for our (the floor staff) opinion and listen attentively on our suggestions. We can relate to them and I think that helps us in our everyday endeavor’s. One way or another, we will get the customer the information they need to get them into the correct product for their application.

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Patty Bauer Camping Manager

Years of service at Jay’s: 4 years

Years as a manager: 1

Departments worked:Camping & Footwear

Interests: Kayaking, Camping, Backpacking, Hiking, Bird watching, Bon fires with family and friends.

Bio: I am a happy, caring and thankful for my family and friends.

What I love about Jay’s: It is a caring family owned business with great values.

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Tina Droomer Manager

Years of service at Jay’s: 9 years

Years as a manager: 5 years

Departments worked: Front-end Cashier, Info, and Service, Gun Department

Interests: Kayaking, Hunting, Archery, Running, Hiking, Biking, Fishing, Swimming, Downhill Skiing, Snowshoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Tennis, Golf, Ice Skating

Bio: When I am not at work selling fun, I am out using the fun stuff we sell!! I believe you can never be outdoors too much. Life is to short and you need to surround yourself with positive people, be active, breath air, and have faith.

What do you love about Jay’s: I love that there is 40+ years of “Traditions” that continue to make memories, strong families, and lifelong friendships with all the products we sell. The Jay’s staff is often times part of their family tradition and I love that we are!!

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Trista Rose Clothing Manager

Years of service at Jay’s: 8

Years as a manager: 5 as Clothing Manager

Departments worked: Guns and Clothing

Interests: Paddlesports, Camping, and recreational shooting

Bio: I am passionate about fashion and clothing while also enjoying much of what life has to offer outdoors.

What I love about Jay’s: The atmosphere and feeling as though my family extends to my job as well. It’s a very caring and welcoming environment to be a part of, and makes it easy to love what I do!

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Vicki Hoornstra Store Manager

Years of service at Jay’s: 16

Years as a manager: 16

Departments worked: Camping, Footwear, Gifts, Clothing

Interests: Hiking, Backpacking, Paddlesports

Bio: I am a self-motivated individual that strives to do my best in all aspects of my life. I enjoy spending time with my family and getting out into nature.

What I love about Jay’s: I love to work for a company that cares for it’s employees and let’s me work in an environment that increases my love for the outdoors!