The archery industry has grown exponentially in the last decade and Jay’s archery department has as well. Stocking over 20 major brands of bows and all the accessories to match, we can outfit your bow for the target range or the hunting season. From crossbows to longbows, carbon shafts to cedar arrows, 3D targets to portable bags, Jay’s archery department has all your tackle needs.

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Compound Bows

Tune and Lube – $45

String and Cable Replacement – $20 + cost of NEW string/cables

Rope Loop – $5

Install Peep – $5

Align Peep Rotation – $5

Rest Install – $10

Arrow Cutting – $.10 each

Paper Tune – $15

Center Serving – $10

Sight In Bow – $10


String and Cable Replacement – $20 + cost of NEW string/cables

Accu Draw Power Spring – $10 + cost of Accu Draw Power Spring

Accu Draw Cord Replace – $10 + cost of Accu Draw cord

Center Serving – $10


*No Labor Charge When Purchasing NEW Products

*Warranty repair does not cover any shipping charges

Archery Blog Posts

I Am Fanatic – Fanatic Gear Review

Northern Michigan deer season.  This can mean sunny and 65 or 12 below zero with horizontal blowing snow (and everything in between).  I love to hunt, but do not like to be cold.  I don’t really know anyone who does,

I Am Defiant

Is That, Like, a Full-Sized Bow? I shot as a fill-in for a local archery league last night. About 20 arrows in, one of the guys in my squad turned to me and asked, “Is that, like, a full-sized bow?”

A Scouting Blog

Pre-Season Whitetail Deer scouting is one of the most important activities of the year in preparation for the upcoming season.  Scouting is easy, and we have so much technology to help us compared to our parents and grandparents had. Also



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