Jay’s Puppy Days




Jay’s has always been known for it’s word of mouth Puppy Days. These events are to help breeders and buyers come together to be more informed on what will be present in our parking lot and when. Please let us know what you’re bringing or what you’re looking to buy. We will keep you posted on days that puppies will be on site and days when we are unable to accommodate any sales. Please remember Jay’s is in no way affiliated with any breeder nor seller so please BUY and SELL at your own risk.. Sellers please be mindful of signage when at Jay’s of where you can sell your puppies.


1. You must register to sell puppies. You can do this online at JaysSportingGoods.com/puppy-days-registration or at the front desk. If you do not register you will be asked to leave. You must register every weekend you plan to attend the event. (Registering on Friday covers you for Saturday and Sunday. Saturday covers you for Saturday and Sunday, etc)
2. Puppies must be at least 8 weeks of age. This is a state law.
3. You must have your puppies vaccinated. You must have your records present as we will be checking the documentation throughout the event.
4. You are required to have water with you to keep your puppies properly hydrated during the duration of your stay at our event.
5. Do not leave any garbage behind. If you bring it with you, you must take it with you. This includes sawdust and any other bedding materials you may use while displaying your dogs.
6. Parvo has been previously detected in this area. Please know that you are selling at your own risk.
7. Sell in the designated areas only.

Failure to abide by the above rules will cause for dismissal from our Puppy Days.


To be a seller at our Puppy Days please register HERE